About me and the site

Film enthusiast and avid cinema goer. Originally from the UK I moved to the Netherlands to study at University, and I am currently travelling on my year abroad, studying Russia and on placement in Dubai, UAE.

I set up this company through my website to consolidate my views of films old and new, may they be good or bad. hopefully to give you a solid understand of a movies themes and visions. As well as some occasional top 5 rankings, which showcase the best and worst of various themes and character concepts. I would like to think my reviews offer you something more than just a general overview, rather a deeper understanding of the themes the director and writer/s are trying to develop in it.

If you would like to contact me then feel free to do so through the contact page on my website for collaborations, or any ideas you have for my site. In addition you can check out my website on at http://www.realmreviews.co.uk. Thanks RR.


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