The Avengers – Infinity wars

The culmination of pretty much every Marvel comic book superhero takes place in this jam-packed action bust-up. The latest instalment is a fan boys dream, in which every superhero gets just as much screen time as the next. It is utterly hilarious, riveting and mesmerisingly beautiful at times. Bordering dangerously close to a overkill by having so many characters intertwined into one plot, it rode the wave skemelessly leaving just enough breathing space throughout.

Hopefully we are not under any false illusions that a Marvel movie is anything more than a superhero/s trying to kill a bad guy in order to save the world. As if you are; you are simply fooling yourself. At the core, this movie follows that narrative wholly. A big bad guy (Thanos – Josh Brolin) needs to collect a number of ‘infinity stones’, each with a different significance (power, reality etc) in order to become a god like figure, thus wielding the ability to destroy planets and mass Genocide; nice right?

The most impressive thing about this movie is both the structure and editing, as mentioned before it flows like cream and undoubtedly lends itself to the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Demonstrated through the alternation between three clear plot lines, which amalgamate into one as they all independently effect one and other. Not only is this incredibly hard to do, but it is even harder to create a sense of importance and inclusivity to each subplot. With that in mind, each subplot is as truly draw dropping as the next in terms of the ambition of CGI,  humour and characterisation. There is a real sense of importance and danger to each scene that it is building towards something, rather than being there solely for filler.

A movie in such a privileged position in terms of both scale and budget needs to be open to scrutiny when necessary, with that in mind let the ‘criticism’ commence. First of all it has to be said that you do not necessarily have to have seen every single marvel movie (as that is one painful and tedious 19 part process…), however doing so will undoubtedly increase your emotional investment in the movie. So it is impossible not to be cynical in thinking it is purely one big plug for their other 19 movies they have made, pushing you to watch them again. In addition to that, developing another movie which is based on what is essentially a children’s comic book has its limitations. Comic books are generally rather jovial, and on occasion that jovial atmosphere was taken to the nth degree in ‘Infinity War’, becoming somewhat overbearing and even cringe worthy on occasion. Most noticeably when jokes were being pumped out in heavy battle sequences or lets say ‘emotional moments’, it merely cheapened and dulled down the apparent severity of the scene. Evidently this is entirely subjective and some viewers may love the overbearing humour, so please do keep that in mind before watching this movie blinkered.

The question on everyones mind before this movie was released was whether or not there would be a complete overload of characters or not. And the fact is, that it was not at all. They amalgamated the characters together giving just as much importance to one as the next, and a healthy amount of breathing space took place. It is a visual feast for the eyes from start to finish and an incredibly fun movie for any demographic. Infinity wars is easily one of the better marvel movies to date, although not necessarily the best as it is becoming evermore difficult to add a freshness to a comic book plot line that has not already been done before. 8/10


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