Why are there so many bad movies on Netflix

It has recently become evermore apparent that both the quality of movies on selection, and the circulation of movies on Netflix have dropped significantly. Once you have dabbled in the classics that are on there as well as the occasional recent hit, you are often left with a slag heap of trollop. But why would Netflix knowingly upload a bad movie In which was not only a flop upon initial release, but there also being a general consensus amongst critics and audiences that the movie is bad…

Through some fairly recent analysis done by ‘Streaming Observer’ they found that as of October 2016, only 12% of the movies on Netflix are in the top 250 on IMDB. (god knows what the more recent stats are). Now evidently there are some incredible movies outside the top 250 on IMDB, however they really do seem to be few and far between on Netflix that is for sure as god made little apples! The spread on Netflix seems to be evermore geared towards series, Netflix originals and awful movies, with a few movie gems taking a back seat.

Evidently the question that needs to be answered now is in fact why is this the reality, and what has led to it? Well the drop has been a slow burning one, it has not been a sudden change in the last year (as the figures provided above relate to). The reason for this is threefold, one is the level of demand for series and Netflix original series has increased dramatically, with 2/3’s of content being watched on Netflix being series. So Netflix have simply made the argument that their customers are getting what they demand on a general basis. Seems like a rather obscene level of tyranny of the majority some may say, nevertheless.

The second point to make is that the rise of Netflix’s original content (not only in the series format but through films) has eaten away at their budget dramatically. This has left a big dent in their budget available for the likes of blockbuster and classic film leasing with which is of critical acclaim or IMDB top 250 status.

The third and final point that does have to be made is that the whole service is actually pretty cheap. Therefore one cannot demand both a huge selection and circulation of movies, newly produced originals and Tv shows on a regular basis; or can you? Well when comparing it to the conventional TV packages you get with the likes Sky or virgin in the Uk (where one would pay up to 50 pounds a month for a pretty shocking selection of content), you would say you are getting a pretty good deal with Netflix.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 15.07.50

Having mentioned them three crucial points one may come to the conclusion that actually; we are getting a pretty good deal and that maybe we should do a little less complaining. But here is one final point for you to mull over, above we can see a rather imposing graph of the year on year, quarter on quarter consistent rise of Netflix’s subscription figures. It seems that we are now at a figure in which 117 million users worldwide is providing Netflix with a rather good balance sheet, thus in turn that should be reflected in the quality of content for BOTH movie lovers AND Series watchers, right?


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