The Best Movie From Each Year Since The Millennium

Compiling a list of what I believe to be the best movies from each year since 2000 was undoubtedly challenging, yet entirely compelling. There is a large mix between Hollywood blockbusters, those that may have been swept under the carpet and those that may not have been that successful upon initial release. In addition to that, clearly I have not seen every single movie from each year, so if there is something that you feel should be included then please comment and get involved! 

2000 – American Psycho

The more you watch this movie and revisit it, the more complex and brilliant not only Bale’s performance is, but also both the scripting and pacing. A true exploration of the human mind is present in this movie, which offers warped comedy and some real shocks to the senses, as of which this short description does not do them justice. There will undoubtedly be a full movie review coming in the not too distant future.

Pipped at the post: Gladiator, The Beech, Chicken Run and Men of Honour.

2001 – The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

For me ‘The Fellowship’ was revolutionary in the way it used CGI on a mass scale to truly bring a book to life like never before, and do real justice to Tolken’s world. The assembled cast are so perfectly aligned with the books, in which the on screen chemistry and camaraderie created even in this first movie was a real treat.

Worth a shout out: Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, A beautiful Mind, Shrek and Enemy at the Gates

2002 – The Bourne Identity

Matt Damon’s performance had grit, severity and a real belief about it that had never really been seen before in a spy movie. It was genuinely quite dark and the direction by -mv2h51HWcvxDoug Liman was something to behold. The shots and incredibly pacy action sequences did not give you a minuets breathing space and it was like that from the off right until the final credits rolled. simply brilliant.

Could not forget: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Spiderman, Catch me if you can, Panic Room, Equilibrium and Die Another Day.

2003 – The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King

Tolkens book and vision truly brought to life as in the previous two instalments in this movie. Not much can be said about this trilogy which has not been said before so i’ll just make it simple. Battle scenes, storyline and characters…

Noteworthy additions – Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl, Johnny English, The Room (come on… surely), Master and Commander, School of Rock, Bruce Almighty, Finding Nemo and Wrong Turn.

2004 – The Incredibles

Pixar Movies at their best. The Incredibles is as riveting and exiting now as it was back then, and one can only wonder why it has taken them this long to make a second. Every kid cannot help but absolutely love this movie, the characters, the voices and the animations are a feast for the eyes, and the ears!Incredibles-2-Has-25-New-Superheroes

Honourable mentions: Shaun of the Dead, Terminal, Kind Arthur and I Robot

2005 – Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith

The Revenge of the Sith saw the final instalment to the prequels (some may say thankfully), and it is without a doubt the best one. Everything you would want from a Sci-Fi action movie; you got, that being action sequences, romance, brilliant dialogue and some serious ‘Star Wars’ wow moments. It finished of the prequels in the best way one feels it could have and tied everything up quite nicely.

So difficult to choose – Walk the Line, Goal! the dream begins and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe.

2006 – Casino Royal

Casino Royal saw the return of James Bond with new actor Daniel Craig, and what an introduction it was! Craig took the character down a different route to many of its Casino-Royale-Eva-Green-Daniel-Craigpredecessors, through adding a real ‘hard man’ grittiness to his performance. Arguably some of the best chase scenes on both foot and in vehicle we have ever seen in a Bond Movie.

One of the tougher years: 300, Borat, Babel, Snakes on a Plane (because why not) and Talladega Nights

2007 – Music and Lyrics

This may be a tad ‘left field’ however Music and Lyrics really slips under the radar as one of the best Rom-Coms ever, due largely to the level of real substance in it. Hugh grant a washed away shadow of his former self; a highly successful 80’s pop star, finds himself playing for desperate 40 year old women in tragic venues. Before opportunities cropping 226_4up to start writing again. It’s thoroughly heart warming storyline can bring a tear to anyones eye, and the soundtrack is rather catchy!

Close to the mark: I am Legend, Hot Fuzz, Ratatouille and Bourne Ultimatum.

2008 – The Dark Knight

What else could it have really been from 08? Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ breaks so many boundaries in the superhero genre it is hard to count. Grit and severity springs to mind when trying to outline not only the feel, but the characters within the movie. Arguably the movie that brought the superhero age to real existence, may that be for good or bad; that is for your to decide.

Didn’t quite make the cut: In Bruges, Taken, Step Brothers, Grand Torino and Marley and Me

2009 – Inglorious Basterds

Tarantino really pulled it out the bag with this one. His ability to captivate an audience Michael-Fassbender-as-Lt-Archie-Hicox-inglourious-basterds-38821767-500-334not only through brutal action sequences but through long spells of dialogue is truly spectacular. Once again he sucks you in and immerses you into not only the brilliant characters but also the vastly distinguishable scenes that he creates.

Close to home –  Avatar, The Hangover, Up, District 9, 2012, Brüno and Funny People.

2010 – The Kings Speech

A diamond in the rough of a particularly disappointing year for film, ‘The Kings Speech’ really brought King George’s struggling rise to the thrown to life. This movie done a great job in representing the severity in not having a leader who was confident in his ability to lead (bearing in mind the time period). Not only that, but Colin Firth’s performance in bringing King George’s visceral speech impediment to life was mesmerising.

Within spittin’ distance: The town, The Social Network and The Fighter

2011 –  Shame

Shame rather bravely tackles arguably the least talked about addiction in our 24 hour media world; sex addiction and does so brilliantly. Its dark and poignant nature makes for an incredibly hard hitting and visceral performance by Michael Fassbender, and has without a doubt slipped under the radar.594

So close, yet so far: Midnight in Paris, Drive, Thor, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, The Adventures of Tintin, Carnage, Moneyball, Warhorse and The Eagle

2012 – Django Unchained

Quentin’s first real go at a Western oriented film came in the form of Django and what a journey it was. quintessentially Quentin is a phrase that pops to mind. Full of revenge, blood, guts, brilliant performances and a non stop, hard hitting story line that will keep any view on the edge of their seats.

Within Hailing distance: The Hobbit, Skyfall, Argo, Flight, The Hunt and The Dictator

2013 – Wolf of Wall Street

Absurd, vile, crude are just some of the words that pop to mind when describing this obscene two hour and forty five minuet epic. It is just a rollercoaster of adrenaline and non stop jaw-aching comedy. For the full review you can take a look elsewhere on the site!

Close to the mark: Rush, The Conjuring, All is Lost and Captain Phillips

2014 – Whiplash

Quite simply an outstanding performance by JK Simmons putting him back on the map, but also by Miles Teller as this movie undoubtedly put him ON the map! This movie Whiplash.jpgtackles (as non have really ever done before) the gruelling journey of a young musician and his quest to be the absolute best in his field; percussion, and does so in such a real and inspiring way.

Close but no cigar: Gone Girl, Ex-Machina and Non-Stop

2015 – The Hateful Eight

What Quentin managed to do in this movie was nothing shy of a miracle, through keeping an audiences attention for three hours in one set, purely through incredible dialogue. A true testament to his ability to encapsulate an audience through compelling dialogue, great use of space and squeezing every drop of ability out of his cast.

Sailing close to the wind: The Big Short, The Lobster, The Gift and No Escape

2016 – Swiss Army Man

Where do I start with a movie like this. Utterly bizarre, in all the good ways. Arguably one of the most unique and compelling concepts to any movie I have seen. Always left questioning how, why, when, who after and during every scene. Alongside that, it is also utterly hilarious and oddly enough thoroughly heartwarming, with Daniel Radcliffe’s best ever performance on display.Swiss-Army-Man-Featured

Didn’t quite take the biscuit: A Cure For Wellness, Deep Water Horizon, The Founder, The Red Turtle and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

2017 – BladeRunner 2049

With such a fantastic year of film, this was one of the hardest years to choose from however Bladerunner 2049 takes the biscuit. Some of the most beautiful and imaginative cinematography ever displayed in cinema is on show in this movie. The sheer scope and attention to detail that comes with that is breathtaking, and is a treat to have seen it on the big screen. Coupled with an intertwining plot and a great lead performance by Dan Gosling, it is a modern-classic.

Close shave – Dunkirk, Get Out, Baby Driver, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Wind River, The Meyerowitz Stories and Trainspotting 2.



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  1. Nice article mate, didn’t agree with a lot of your choices (though they were some flippin’ good ‘uns), mine would be as follows:
    2000 – The Grinch (haven’t seen American Psycho yet, haha)
    2001 – Monsters Inc
    2002 – Spider-Man
    2003 – Finding Nemo
    2004 – Anchorman
    2005 – V For Vendetta
    2006 – Talladega Nights
    2007 – Hot Fuzz
    2008 – The Dark Knight
    2009 – A Christmas Carol
    2010 – Scott Pilgrim
    2011 – Bernie
    2012 – Avengers
    2013 – Locke
    2014 – GotG
    2015 – Deathgasm
    2016 – Deadpool
    2017 – The Disaster Artist
    Sorry, I love a list haha! Nice one!


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