A Star is Born

The much anticipated ‘A Star Is Born’ shines a very bright light on the modern music industry and the paths it takes to form and sculpt a new artist. In doing so providing a stark insight into the personal struggles, strifes and turmoil of a modern day rocker. Captivating, riveting and tear-jerkingly beautiful ‘A Star... Continue Reading →


The History Of The Eagles – Documentary Review

The attention to detail and fastidiousness that is required in order to amalgamate a bands history into a documentary is so very big. However, to amalgamate over 50 years of touring and record making from one of the most successful bands of all time is a different feat altogether. The Eagles are timeless, they have touched... Continue Reading →

The Foreigner – Movie Review

Arguable one of the most surprisingly ambitious additions to the Netflix production catalogue was ‘The Foreigner’. A seemingly cheap bust-up between two ‘has-beens’ Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan turned out to be one of the most riveting and multifaceted thrillers that has come onto Netflix’s domain. With stellar performances from both leading men, we see... Continue Reading →

The Avengers – Infinity wars

The culmination of pretty much every Marvel comic book superhero takes place in this jam-packed action bust-up. The latest instalment is a fan boys dream, in which every superhero gets just as much screen time as the next. It is utterly hilarious, riveting and mesmerisingly beautiful at times. Bordering dangerously close to a overkill by... Continue Reading →

Ready Player One

Set in a questionably dystopian 2045 Columbus is now one of the biggest cities in the United States. A world in which everyone seems to be less comfortable living in, compared with that of the virtual world, also known as the 'OASIS'. A virtual 'utopia' in which you can be anyone, anything, go anywhere and... Continue Reading →

The Stanford Prison Experiment

One of the most unique experiments in the field of psychology took place in the Summer of 1971, in Northern California's Stanford University. An experiment which tested the very nature of a humans ability to exert power, and the extent to which such power would be tyrannical or just. Whether seemingly normal, good people can... Continue Reading →

Why are there so many bad movies on Netflix

It has recently become evermore apparent that both the quality of movies on selection, and the circulation of movies on Netflix have dropped significantly. Once you have dabbled in the classics that are on there as well as the occasional recent hit, you are often left with a slag heap of trollop. But why would... Continue Reading →

The Best Movie From Each Year Since The Millennium

Compiling a list of what I believe to be the best movies from each year since 2000 was undoubtedly challenging, yet entirely compelling. There is a large mix between Hollywood blockbusters, those that may have been swept under the carpet and those that may not have been that successful upon initial release. In addition to... Continue Reading →

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